Business Academy Lysá nad Labem


Head teacher: Ms Lenka Hrubčíková
Contact person for English: Ms Alena Langová
E-mail:; in the subject please write "for Renáta Vlachová"
Phone number: +420 325 552 143

(the secretary does not speak English, but she can put the call through to an English speaking person)

History of the School

The Secondary School of Commerce in Lysa nad Labem was founded in 1995. It was situated in a part of a large building of one of the elementary schools in Lysa nad Labem. In the very beginning it had only 64 students - two classes of Year one. Gradually, it has become much bigger, the overall capacity being 8 classes in four years, which makes a total of 240 students. During its 10-year history it has been moved to another part of the elementary school building, which has been completely renovated, many special classrooms have been established, such as 3 computer classrooms connected to the Internet, and 2 foreign languages classrooms, and also a new gym. Students can also use the Internet in their free time. The students are aged between 15 and 19.

The School Today

Business Academy Lysa nad Labem is a state secondary school. Its founder is the county authority. No school fees are paid. The study is 4 years long finished with the school leaving exam. There are two major branches of study - one of them is more business orientated and the other is more concentrated on preparing the students for future study. The rules all students have to follow as well as their rights form the School Behaviour Code.

The Teachers

We think excellent teachers are essential for any school. The management of the school is proud of the teaching staff that has been established over the years. The teachers are creative and ready to work not only in lessons, but also dedicate a lot of their free time to the school. Project teaching and busy international activities are the proof of this situation. Both the educational results of the school and the relationship among students, teachers and the school management have always been very good.






  • to be well informed about culture, history and the present-day Czech nation within a European and world context;
  • to formulate views and attitudes verbally and in writing, communicate in at least one other foreign language;
  • to be able to adapt themselves to the changing conditions of life and work, work well in a team, and be responsible for assigned tasks;
  • to work with information, use ICT;
  • to be able to use basic mathematics and the basic principles of physics and chemistry when needed;
  • to know the present rights and duties of employers and employees, know how to conduct a job search;
  • to act in an environmentally-conscious manner and in compliance with strategies for sustainability;¨
  • to know the fundamentals of health, occupational safety, and fire prevention and safety



  • to work with applicable legal regulations;
  • to be well-versed in labour law and issues related to commercial obligations;
  • to draft general documents in compliance with a standardized layout;
  • to make out accounting documents and reports, keep tabs on tax records, keep accounting and computer accounting;
  • to carry out simple market research;
  • to calculate taxes (VAT, income tax);
  • to be well informed about bank activities;
  • to use basic knowledge of sales psychology when negotiating with clients and customers;
  • to represent the company well in public and contribute to company image in a positive way.



  • employees in all types of businesses in the economy sphere and public administration at all levels
  • starting own business in fields corresponding to education
  • examples of possible work positions: economist, accountant, finance officer, marketing officer, assistant, secretary, sales representative, statistician, bank and insurance officer etc.


The Subjects

General Subjects

  • Czech
  • foreign language 1/usually English/
  • foreign language 2 /choice from French, German and Russian/
  • History, Geography, Civics, Law
  • Physical , Chemistry, Biology Education (for major of study – preparing the students for future study)
  • Mathematics
  • Computers


Special Subjects

  • Typing and Business Correspondence
  • Economics
  • Accounting
  • Statistics

Optional Subjects

such as Foreign language conversation, Foreign language business correspondence, Banking, Tax, Marketing, Psychology, Rhetorics and others.


Applied Economy

We have been teaching this subject since 1999 with the cooperation with the "Junior Achievement" Company. In this subject the students in fact establish a company, work in it during the school year, try to make profit as in real life, and wind up the company in the end of the school year. It helps the students not only to learn how to work in team, communicate and make decisions, but it also represents an excellent practice for the future. In the past the students´companies made for example candles, bracelets, or even educational programmes for pre-school children.


Work Experience

During the four-year study there are 3 weeks of compulsory work practice, during year two and year three. The two of the three weeks are organized by school, and the students can organize the third one individually. The students usually work in banks, health insurance companies, town halls and others in nearby towns and in Lysa. There is a possibility for the best students to complete the work experience abroad /in Germany, Slovakia, France, England/ with the help of European Union funding /Leonardo Project/.


Commuting Possibilities

The town of Lysá nad Labem has very good train and bus connections both to the nearby towns and villages and to Prague. The school timetable is adapted to train/bus arrivals. The lessons finish at 1:30 p.m. three times a week and at 3 p.m. twice a week. Students who live too far away can stay in a dormitory which is situated about 5 minutes walk away from the school. All students can have their lunches at a school cafeteria, operated by the company Eurest.


Foreign Language Teaching and International Activities

Foreign language teaching and international activities are of great importance to the school.The students study 2 foreign languages during their 4-year study of the school, and they can also choose to study a third one. English, German, Russian and French are taught. Special language classrooms with headphones are used as well as foreign magazines, literature, songs, or videos. Studens can also use the foreign language they are learning in real life situations in a wide range of international activities of the school. Since 2003 we have co-operated with a partner school Gymnasium Bamberg in Germany, with which we have had several students exchanges. During them the students stayed in host families and could both practice their German and observe the German way of life. Every year we also take part in a simulation game in German Lichtenfels concerning European Union. We also have another partner school in Germany - Gymnasium Radeberg. With this school, as well as with a Scottish school Stewarton Academy and a Slovak school Obchodná akadémia in Bratislava we have worked on a project about European Identity within Socrates - Comenius. In France our partner school is Lyceé Montdory Thiets Cedex. Foreign students have also accompanied ours on various occasions, such as summer camp in Germany, a sports´week in Czech Republic etc. We are also very proud of the possibility of our students to take part in three-week work experience stays in the Bosh company in Germany.


Standard of the School

Thanks to excellent computer equipment and highly qualified teachers computers are used in teaching both special and general subjects /in Mathematics, Statistics, Marketing, Applied Economy etc./. Students are encouraged to work in groups and to fulfil the tasks on their own. This enables the project method of teaching. Every year we organize two projects for all classes based on various current and professional topics /e.g. drug abuse prevention, health, emergency situations behaviour, English, What to do after the final exam, Spring Europe Day etc/. Project teaching also takes place in some special subjects - mainly in Marketing, Economics and others; and even in some general subjects /e.g. History, Physics etc./. For the last 2 years we have organized an Introductory course/trip for Year 1 students, where they can meet and get to know one another and learn all important facts about the school. The students working in the real company /in the subject of Applied Economy/ take part in a competition of best students´ companies in the Czech Republic. Our Year 4 students are tested in the pilot programme for the future Standard State Final Exams and usually reach very good results. The school has also received the acreditation of the Czech Ministry of Education and provides computer courses for other teachers. In our schools there are no problems with the students´ behaviour and the student-teacher relationships are fair and friendly.


Social And Cultural Activities

Our students have the possibility to attend various trips and excursions, such as to the Parliament of the Czech Republic, to the Court, to many companies, museums, the Czech National Bank, the city of Prague, theater and cinema.


Sports Activities

Our students have very many opportunities to take part in sports activities. For the first year students we prepare a skiing week in the mountains, where they can learn or improve both cross-country and downhill skiing. The third year students have a summer sports week in June, usually in the Czech Republic, but it has also been held in Croatia. Our school also takes part in tournaments in volleyball, basketball, football, and florball. The Christmas Volleyball Tournament has become a tradition. The winning team has the possibility to play an exhibition match with the teachers´team, which helps to improve the atmosphere in school and the relationship between the students and the teachers.


Our Graduates

Our graduates find their jobs in civil services, local authorities, or in private companies specialized in finance and sales. In these firms they usually work in export, import, wholesales, or retail sales. They find their positions also in health care, social services, travel agencies etc. Local Job Centre in Nymburk reports that our graduates find their first jobs without difficulties.



the Head Teacher

Welcome to the web pages of Obchodni akademie Lysa nad Labem.

We are a secondary vocational school. We aim for our students to be successful and able to compete in their professional life and also to lead a balanced and happy personal life.

We teach general and vocational subjects in two major specialization fields concerning administrative work and accounting. Foreign language learning is our top priority. We encourage it by lots of international activities and trips. We co-operate with schools in Germany, France and the United Kingdom. We also carry out work experience of our students in these countries. Thanks to taking part in European projects we can support these activities for our students also financially.

We are trying to inform about all important events on our web pages, but our visitors are also welcome to visit our school personally.

Ivana Dvořáková, the Head Teacher